COMMEDIA dell’ARTE for the 21st century course

I describe my work as ‘Artisan Theatre’. This expression embraces the notion of theatre as craft: ‘artistic know-how’. My own work ‘favours’ the practical over the intellectual. I consider my work, both as a director and an actor-director, comparable to the work of a tradesman: an artisan, a carpenter or a builder. Through practice I develop both the craft of theatre and the subsequent emergence of rules, ‘being true that rules always come from usage, and not usage from rules.’ (Scala,1619).
Discover how to apply #commediadellarte #principles and #techniques to create #contemporary #devised #ensemble #theatre COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE COURSE The CassLondon Metropolitan University 5 Saturdays 10am-3pm. From Sat 15th Sept to Sat 13th Oct

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