HOME – A one-woman show (2017)

Fantastic experience at the CrisisArt Festival. Sharing my first solo piece. A one woman show written, directed and performed by Chiara D’Anna.

This performance-presentation is the final practical output of my PhD on ‘The Legacy of Commedia dell’Arte in Post-dramatic theatre’.

For me this piece is a journey back home to rediscover my cultural, historical and personal roots. Utilising both biographical and historical material I will look specifically at what it means to be a migrant artist; not necessarily as the eternal ‘traveller’ but rather the eternal ‘outsider’: the one who doesn’t fully ‘belong’ and is therefore ‘other’…different. This feels particularly relevant to me and my personal story since the result of last June’s referendum and the post-Brexit climate in the UK.

The work is in its early stages and my ‘ambitious’ plan is to interweave the personal, artistic and historical dimension in an episodic story-telling piece



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