Natural You

Natural You offer workshops and retreats for those wishing
to connect deeply with their happy, free and confident
natural selves.

This unique practice, developed over many years of research and teaching by movement expert Chiara D’Anna, helps us to find increasing peace of mind by guiding us to rediscover our natural connection to our body, our instincts and Nature. It helps us to rediscover and redefine our relationship with our bodies, appreciate their beauty and explore their expressivity.

We’re not talking boot-camp or self-discipline: quite the opposite. It’s about discovering what innately and uniquely works for us and allowing our body and our senses to guide us. As a result we feel strong and energised, we find a better alignment and discover we can achieve much more than what we ever thought possible! The body knows… if we remember how to listen!

Natural You is an holistic and transformative practice exploring the connection between Body, Mind and Spirit. It draws on Yoga, Dance, Physical Theatre and self-development work.

Natural You helps us to enter deeply into the present moment finding a space where the ‘chatterbox’ of self-judgement and negativity stops allowing us to connect with our true/natural self feeling a sense of peace and relief.

Our workshops will offer you:

  • An experience of ‘being in your body’ so that you can give it the attention and care it needs to be strong, toned and healthy.
  • Powerful ways to heal the past and let go of your negative beliefs and your preconceptions about your strength, your physical abilities, movement skills and body shape accepting yourself exactly as you are.
  • A very effective tool you can use to change the way you feel about yourself, others and the environment.


It was a pleasure to be there. I was so grateful for finding you. I loved the energy and the friendly atmosphere that you created. Something has moved inside me. Now, I have a motivation to work on myself.” – Julia

“I have discovered many things about myself…It has been a fantastic experience! I’d love to attend more of these types of events. Thank you so Much!”  – Beatrice

“I loved the day. I love your energy, your passion and your enthusiasm. I love that you blend from your experience of theatre, dance, yoga, spirituality and you make it uniquely your own!”  – Chris

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day…Wow, have I had some stuff going on since then… Very, very interesting. It was extremely powerful!” – Cori


Chiara  (PhD, MSc, MA) is a Movement Coach, a Theatre Director and a stage and film Actress. She developed Natural You over many years of research, teaching and training with practitioners from all over the world in the diverse fields of theatre, Yoga, dance, mindfulness and meditation. Chiara’s work with Natural You satisfies her deep desire to help people experience their natural fun loving selves in supportive and inclusive environments. Chiara regularly lectures at many of the UK top universities guiding many young actors to reconnect with their physicality re-discovering the power of the body as a medium of expression.


Natural You Dance at London Met University Dance Studio 
Monday Evening 18.30 – 20.00


Natural You Dance at London Met University Dance Studio 
Sat 7th July 2018 11.00 – 13.00

Natural You: Body Flow at Paper Dress Yoga
Sun 3rd Jun 2018 14.00 – 16.00

Natural You: Body & Nature  at the Crisis Art Festival
Wed 27th Jun 2017

Natural You: Self-Image  at the London Buddhist Arts Centre (in studio/indoor session)
Sat 18th of June 2016

Natural You: Self-Image  at the London Buddhist Arts Centre (in studio/indoor session)
Sat 11th of June 2016

Natural You: Body & Nature  in Hampstead Heath (outdoor sessions)
Sat 27th Aug 2016
Sat 22nd Oct 2016

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