#25. Natural You


-25 We’re counting the days: just 25 left to join us for our ‘Natural You’ workshop at the London Buddhist Arts Centre in Bethnal Green. A day to celebrate our bodies ‘in motion’. A day t [...]

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Barbarella Disco Dome- London Decompression Party 2015


A psychedelic space adventure journeying through 60s psychedelia, freakbeat and exotica in a kitsch sparkly wonderland culminating in a cosmic disco rave-up! London Decompression Party 2015- Barb [...]

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Natural YOU Workshop at The London Buddhist Arts Centre


Do you ever compare yourself to others and feel bad? Are you ever uneasy with your body, the way you look, your size, your shape, your weight, the way you move? Do you ever feel like you have to chang [...]

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Carnevale: Rio


Happy Carnival celebrations!  

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Triggers…Goodbye David!


[gallery columns="2" ids="3037,3029,3028,3027,3026,3025,3024,3023,3022,3021,3020,3018,3016,3015"] It took me a couple of days to realise how sad I feel. David Bowie is dead. It's seem impossible. A [...]

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The Man who Fell on Earth (1976)


  THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH – Trailer from Rialto Pictures on Vimeo.

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