Since 2006 Chiara has been working as Movement Coach and Lecturer in Performing Arts collaborating with many prestigious universities and institutions including: RADAEast15 Acting School, Rose Bruford CollegeNational Centre of Circus Arts, Laban CentreGoldsmiths University, Royal Central School of Speech and DramaYoung Vic Theatre, The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, Royal Holloway University and Exeter University.
As a Movement Coach Chiara offers both one-to-one tutorials and group sessions. This is what people said about their experience:

I loved your energy and the friendly atmosphere that you created. Something has moved inside me… – Julia

I loved the day. I love your energy, your passion and your enthusiasm. – Chris

Exceed expectation: I loved the trust work and the playfulness.You’ re amazing! – James

As a freelance Tutor and Movement Expert Chiara offers workshops on PHYSICAL THEATRE, DEVISING and COMMEDIA dell’ARTE. Chiara experiments with a range of approaches and techniques depending on the ability, experience and specific aims of each group and each individual within the group. This is what students said about their experience:

Your energy, commitment and style of teaching is fantastic and inspiring. – Bruce, E15 Acting and Community Theatre Course

Chiara always took the time to work on a very personal level with students…Chiara has a unique style that is the result of her passion for the arts, theatre and acting. – Andrew, Rose Bruford College.
I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of this course…and I feel that is down to Chiara’s boundless energy. …a truly special teacher with an intoxicating, addictive and infectious passion for her craft. – Liam, E15 Acting and Community Theatre Course
…loved your teaching: you made me feel so comfortable and confident in myself. I had so much fun experimenting and devising with your help! –  Jaz, E15 Acting and Community Theatre Course



An energetic workshop to expand performers’ physical vocabulary while building stamina, spatial awareness and trust. Participants will investigate three foundational principles of devising – playfulness, togetherness and openness – and explore different vocal and physical techniques to develop physical scores for performance.

Training Commedia300


This workshop is an introduction to Commedia dell’Arte to discover and expand skills that are fundamental in any performance setting: body and space awareness, physical stamina, economy of gesture and a clear understanding of rhythm, tempo and comic timing.


Chiara is a lovely, engaging and supportive teacher: I’ve learnt so much about character physicality, improvisation and playing with fellow actors on stage…a great teacher! – Sam, East 15 Acting BA

Chiara was exceptional as a teacher…I don’t feel that Commedia is my style of theatre but Chiara taught it in a way that I enjoyed it, learnt about my body and I feel that I can 100% apply techniques that I learnt from commedia in my own future work. –  Alex, E15 Acting and Community Theatre Course.

Brilliant tutor who created a lovely encouraging atmosphere that inspires you to work and create fun and exciting theatre, whilst learning extremely useful skills. – Bradley, E15 Acting and Community Theatre Course.

Chiara offers original, intelligent, and inspiring ideas for performance that are both challenging and stimulating for an actor. Under her guidance creativity flourishes and ideas spark. – Anna, Rose Bruford College.

I found working with Chiara to be very inspiring, educational and entertaining. – Sandra, London Metropolitan Student, BA Performing Arts.

I was immediately struck by Chiara’s energy and passion for performance – her dynamism, her fantastic devising skills, and her ability to work with students. – Sam, London Metropolitan Student, BA Performing Arts.

It sounded a bit like the essence of human nature…everything was great. – Beatriz, London Metropolitan Student, BA Performing Arts.

The workshops not only fulfilled but exceeded my expectations. – James, BA Performing Arts, London Metropolitan University.

I found Chiara’s workshops engaging and challenging, the way they were planned meant that we were able to explore freely but always in a safe environment. – Jenny, London Metropolitan Student, BA Performing Arts.

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Chiara is associate artist of the Quick and the Dead, an international group of international female artists and researchers engaged since 2005 in a practice-based research project on New Methodologies of Actor Training led by Alison Hodge. Known as the ‘Core Training’ the outcome of this research was published by Routledge in a DVD-pamphlet: ‘Core Training For the Relational Actor’ (2013) and documented by Peter Hulton as part of the Exeter Arts Archives. The work has been presented in workshops and conferences around the world: RADA, Young Vic theatre, The Academy of Theatre Practices, Gardzienice, Poland; International Federation of Theatre Research, Helsinki; University of Aristotle, Thessaloniki, Greece; The Theatre Planning Network, Japan and Tainaner Ensemble, Taiwan.

Core Training Cover

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