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Knudsen and D’Anna are both terrific, and have tremblingly palpable chemistry

Robbie Collin,THE TELEGRAPH★★★★★

D’Anna, a compact and coiled Audrey Hepburn type who speaks like an Italian-inflected Charlotte Gainsbourg, is absolutely perfect as the younger woman who’s hostage to her own humiliations

David Ehrlich, LITTLE WHITE LIES★★★★★

Critics Stars

Chiara D’Anna – who was also the star of Peter Strickland’s earlier film Berberian Sound Studio – looks like she stepped out of a Fellini film; she’s just perfect

Briony Hansen, FRONT ROW BBC Radio 4

Sidse Babett Knudsen and Chiara d’Anna are remarkable, especially since they are required to demonstrate the changes in their relationship by minute differences in performance as they go over and over a basic script

Kim Newman, EMPIRE MAGAZINE★★★★★

Superb performances…The best film of the first quarter of 2015.


D’Anna does a superb job of playing Evelyn as a slightly impatient, impetuous woman, the one in the relationship always goading the other to some new challenge.


D’Anna does a huge amount simply through her presence which is by turns ethereal, sexy, demure and severe, among many other things.She’s a memorable presence, one I hope to see more of…

Sam Inglis,24 FPS★★★★

D’anna and Babett Knudsen are mesmerising as the two lovers. D’anna effortlessly combining an innocent look with a mischievous personality. She’s only been in movies for a few years and she’s a natural.


Newcomer Chiara D’Anna is marvellous in this role. She resembles a young Audrey Hepburn but with even more naivety


…the performances by Knudsen and D’Anna seem to shake the very ground they stand on.

Matthew Lucas, FROM THE FRONT ROW★★★★

Knudsen and D’Anna deliver revelatory performances… and D’Anna turns on the faux-innocent doe-eyed charm with unnerving skill.

Barry Hertz, THE VANCOUVER SUN ★★★★

Knudsen and D’Anna traverse their ever-evolving characters with deft precision as layers of emotion pile on top of each other to confuse us even more about the truth.

Jared Mobarak, THE FILM STAGE

The performances of the two leads are beautiful to behold. As Evelyn, D’Anna conveys a shy timidness while brandishing powerful control…

Chris Evangeslista, CUT PRINT FILM

Knudsen and D’Anna, both superb, follow the story’s gently shifting tones like dancers: D’Anna’s Evelyn is small, dark and seductively treacherous, a petite, sympathetic monster in boarding-school garb

Stephanie Zacharek, LA WEEKLY★★★★

Knudsen and D’Anna excel as Cynthia and Evelyn, both of them masterfully playing off each other as the line between dominance and submission is twisted in all directions. The actresses deftly handle tremendously challenging material.

Alasdair Crews, THE JOURNAL 

The two lead actresses make what could have been a confoundingly cryptic exercise a believable and even tender love story, even within its severely scripted contours.


Knudsen and D’Anna are wonderful, both strong and weak in their portrayals of Cynthia and Evelyn respectively.

Brad Brevet, ROPE of SILICON

…played to extraordinary perfection by both actresses…this may be the strangest, most beautiful love stories you’ll ever see.

Janz Anton Iago, THE MOVIE JERK

The Duke of Burgundy is a considerable work of art, and one that touches on a rarely discussed side of human sexuality completely free of judgment.

Jordan Hoffmann,THE GUARDIAN★★★★

Peter Strickland has achieved something rare with his latest The Duke Of Burgundy. A work of immense and intense emotional vigour; The Duke of Burgundy is the stuff dreams are made of…sumptuous, surreal, serenading, and audaciously superb.

Nikola Grozdanovic, THE PLAYLIST (A)

DOB_still_020_Chiara D'Anna as Evelyn

By turns kinky, dryly comic, and compellingly surreal, and boasting gorgeous, gothic cinematography and an enveloping score by orchestral pop duo Cat’s Eyes, The Duke of Burgundy is a richly immersive sensory experience

CAMERON BAILEY,Artistic Director- Toronto International Film Festival

The Duke Of Burgundy is a stunning-looking and -sounding film, which occasionally digresses into pure avant-garde texture. But it’s also a film about recognizable human beings, with real emotional reactions….The Duke Of Burgundy is endlessly fascinating… It’s one of the damndest love stories I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

Noel Murray,THE DISSOLVE★★★★★

The Duke of Burgundy has an unmistakable scent, look, and feel that’s utterly unique and classifiable—a rare cinematic breed of uncommon origin…strangely beguiling and utterly intoxicating.

Nicholas Bell, ION CINEMA

The Duke of Burgundy is a gorgeous film with the kind of attention to set design, costumes and refined detail that dazzles in every scene.

Brian Tallerico, ROGER EBERT

…for sheer aesthetic overindulgence, nothing else on screens right now can touch it.

VARIETY CRITICS‘ pick the best films of Telluride, Venice and Toronto Film Festival 

To call ‘The Duke of Burgundy’ an erotic masterpiece may be accurate, but would also be limiting. It’s a surrealist study of love and sex that is incredibly romantic and surprisingly relatable. It is a work of art.


One of the most remarkable British movies of the past couple of years’.

Philip French, THE GUARDIAN★★★★★

Berberian-Poster 2

Berberian -Poster 3 French

It is one of the year’s very best films….lip-smacking cinema…unmissable.

Robbie Collin, THE TELEGRAPH★★★★★

Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio is a tense, teasing triumph.

Guy Lodge,VARIETY★★★★★



THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY (Festivals 2014)


THEATRE (2012-2019)

Written, directed and performed by Chiara D’Anna, the show is buoyed by her abundant charisma and a glinty-eyed archness. She switches between characters with camp exuberance and funny asides.

Arifa Akbar, ★★★★ THE GUARDIAN

…witty and playful D’Anna is a delight as a performer, ad-libbing with glee and slipping into different characters with ease.

Natasha Tripney, ★★★★ THE STAGE

Charismatic and enthralling, D’Anna is a chameleon and builds her characters thoroughly and unequivocally through changes in her physicality and voice, displaying exquisite acting skills.

Cindy Marcolina, ★★★★ THE BROADWAY WORLD UK

Boundless energy gives way to some utterly beautiful, heart-wrenching performances and a striking balance between Italian and English dialogue extract from the piece every possible ounce of wonderful authenticity.

Ezelle Alblas, ★★★★ THE UP COMING

D’Anna performs with irresistible energy, carrying the audience with her.


D’Anna is nothing short of phenomenal. A naturally funny and enigmatic performer. .

Peter Dunbar, ★★★★★ IN COVENT GARDEN

Chiara D’Anna stood out from the ensemble, chameleon-like in her ability to transform herself into different characters without a ripple…exceptional.

Skye Crawford, ★★★★FRINGE REVIEW

Chiara D’Anna, who also directs, is impressing as a manic gravedigger,Gary.

Jonathan Grant, ★★★★THE PUBLIC REVIEWS

Extremely entertaining’ ‘Rocinante! Rocinante! deserves to be experienced by many audiences, in many locations

Josephine De Rossi, ★★★★THE FRINGE REVIEW 

Filled with vivid flights of fancy, ‘Rocinante! Rocinante!’ is an intriguing piece. Sweeping parasol oceans and miniature tin-pan solar systems make this a sophisticated visual work.[…].We are manipulated with ease by an intuitive company whose physical work is superb

Honour Bayes, ★★★★TIME OUT

‘The cast of seven take us on a journey, performed entirely mise-en-scene that is always thought provoking and at times quite unsettling.. ..the company’s venture into using classical literature to tackle perceptions and tolerance of mental health, is an innovative and refreshing use of theatre

Jonathan Grant, ★★★★THE PUBLIC REVIEWS


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Chiara D’Anna is an actress that directors dream of – prepared, committed, generous with ideas and completely believable on screen. She has great energy, beauty and mystery…

Peter Strickland, writer and director

Chiara has both versatile and refined performance skills. In comedy roles, her timing and physicality are outstanding; in emotionally charged characters, her psychological depth is both truthful and mesmerising.

Jacek Ludwig Scarso,Elastic Theatre Artistic Director

Hungry, curious, delightfully watchable.

Peta Lily, Performer/Theatremaker and Dark Clown Tutor

It is always a pleasure to work with Chiara D’Anna, a generous actress who always gives all her energy and imagination on stage.

Paola Cavallin, Performer/Director and Commedia dell’Arte expert

Has a lovely ethereal presence, but also a great rooted, down to earth quality. Her physicality is very malleable, it is fascinating to watch her at work.

Eugenia Caruso, Actress

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