“D’Anna, a compact and coiled Audrey Hepburn type who speaks like an Italian-inflected Charlotte Gainsbourg, is absolutely perfect” LITTLE WHITE LIES***** (The Duke of Burgundy)
“Chiara D’Anna looks like she stepped out of a Fellini film: she’s just perfect!” FRONT ROW BBC Radio 4
“Knudsen and D’Anna are both terrific.” The TELEGRAPH***** (The Duke of Burgundy)
“Sidse Babett Knudsen and Chiara D’Anna are remarkable.” EMPIRE MAGAZINE***** (The Duke of Burgundy)
“D’Anna does a superb job of playing Evelyn as a slightly impatient, impetuous woman” PASTE MAGAZINE
“Chiara D’Anna stood out from the ensemble, chameleon-like in her ability to transform herself into different characters without a ripple...exceptional.” FRINGE REVIEW****
“…with two striking performances at his film’s core, Strickland’s able to construct any fantasy he wishes around it.” SCANNAIN (The Duke of Burgundy)
“Chiara D’Anna contrives to be at once imperious and tremulously mock-kittenish” THE OBSERVER**** (The Duke of Burgundy)
“One of the most remarkable British movies of the past couple of years.” THE GUARDIAN***** (Berberian Sound Studio)
“Knudsen and D'Anna, both superb, follow the story's gently shifting tones like dancers” LA Weekly***** (The Duke of Burgundy)
“Chiara D’Anna, who also directs, is impressing as a manic gravedigger, Gary.” THE PUBLIC REVIEW**** (Rocinante! Rocinante!)
“Knudsen and D’Anna deliver revelatory performances…D’Anna turns on the faux-innocent doe-eyed charm with unnerving skill.” THE VANCOUVER SUN ****(The Duke of Burgundy)
“…played to extraordinary perfection by both actresses…this may be the strangest, most beautiful love stories you’ll ever see.” THE MOVIE JERK, 10/10 (The Duke of Burgundy)
“Knudsen and D’Anna are phenomenal and captivate throughout” THE MORNING STAR**** (The Duke of Burgundy)
“The Duke of Burgundy is a considerable work of art, and one that touches on a rarely discussed side of human sexuality completely free of judgment.” The GUARDIAN*****
Chiara D'Anna at Greatstone Beach Photo by Carl Thomson Photography